Animal Chiropractic Education

Dr. McCarthy completed his Animal Chiropractic Certification with the Healing Oasis Wellness Centre of Canada (now called The Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre). He was a member of the first Canadian class, completing his certification in April 2006. His animal practice is composed of small animals of all types and he has special interest in the canine athlete as his wife, Pat, competes in Dog Agility with their Labrador, Cira.

The Animal Chiropractic program is a 200 hour program of supervised instruction, In addition to required reading, assignments and case presentations. The Canadian Animal Chiropractic Certification Program provides training to Chiropractors and Veterinarians specifically in the areas of canine and equine chiropractic, although other vertebrates are also discussed. This program is approved by The AVCA.

The Course Outline includes; Anatomy, Basic & Advanced Neurology, Scientific Validity, Biomechanics, Ethics and Legalities, Rehabilitation Therapy, Alternative & Complementary Therapy, Modalities, Basic Chiropractic Techniques, Case Presentations, Philosophy, Alternative Techniques, Veterinary Pathology, Chiropractic Pathology, and Advanced Chiropractic Techniques.

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n please visit the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre of Canada at or contact Dr. McCarthy.

2006 Graduating Class from the Healing Oasis Wellness Centre of Canada